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Starting October 23rd, Scorpio will rule the skies.

Aries: Tumultuousness is forcing you to reexamine your values. You’re being beaten down again and again. It won’t stop until you seize your own life. You are your own person. You do not have to be passively buffeted by the world around you. Learn to strike back. This may require a deep meditation on all of what you feel makes you, you. All of your fears and hopes may be in the process of shifting. Let them. You deserve a life that’s full of strength, not suffering.

Taurus: A new intensity is illuminating your relationships as you find your head consumed in the perceptions and desires of others. It’s almost overwhelming. You’re losing touch of your own emotions and your own needs and wants. You’re prioritizing some relationships over others, yet missing the people you forget about. Don’t forget to tap into what you truly enjoy and love. Celebrate relationships as you celebrate yourself. You always have to come first.

Gemini: Through sickness, loss and mental anguish, you are coming to realize that you cannot live the way you’re living anymore. Your routines have fallen apart because they need to. You haven’t looked inwards in far too long. Being forced to is uncomfortable, if not violent, but it is necessary. You are deliberating over every detail of your life and it can be agonizing. Each deliberation, though, is an opportunity to change. You have to implement a structure in your life that ensures your strength will not be stolen again.

Cancer: You deserve to make a name for yourself. You’ve finally found a way to create your own comfort and you need to go after it with reckless abandon. You stand in your own power and you have the ability to live your life to its fullest and realest. Do not be confused by changing aspirations or hedonistic desires. Embrace them, for you hardly have embraced these things in the past. It can be a wonderful thing to let go. It can be scary too, but you are strong enough to be scared. Just because you’ve never done it before doesn’t mean you can’t.

Leo: You’re an emotional sponge right now. Family conflicts have brought you back to what and who you consider to be your home. You’re like a lost child looking for their parents. It’s okay to need a long, healing hug. Your relationships can bring you the comfort you need right now. Confide in those you hold in confidence and let them soothe you. You need to be taken care of right now. Embrace it. If you do not, your sense of self will not mend.

Virgo: You’re reevaluating your definition of freedom and understanding that you need freedom to survive. Expansion is on the forefront of your mind, yet you cannot make sense of it. All you know is you are claustrophobic and praying for something different. This is the culmination of what you’ve felt and could not communicate for a long time. It’s necessary to do something now to relieve this tension. Stand stubbornly against those who oppose you when you try to make things better.

Libra: Every hardship you experience is a test of what you’re meant to do and who you’re meant to be. You’re having more trouble than ever making decisions and staying rational. You’re being pushed to look deep into yourself and understand that the world may not be what you always thought it was. It’s a terrifying thought, but you and your life may have something else that it’s meant for. Are you okay with that? Are you ready? It’s now or never.

Scorpio: Your identity and most personal relationships are in a time of crisis. People you’ve defined yourself by are putting you through tumultuous times and you can hardly find your own feet to stand on. You aren’t thinking about yourself anymore, and by doing so, you are forgetting who you are. Your bravery and resilience during these times is admirable, but running away from yourself is not noble. Before you fall apart, remember you are living your life; the people you love are not living it for you.

Sagittarius: Rest is of utmost importance.You are giving yourself no time to meditate with yourself, and thus you are finding each day impossible to get through. Important breakthroughs are lying underneath the surface, but you are not giving yourself the moment to stumble upon them. Your subconscious is screaming for attention and to neglect it is to run yourself into the ground. Sit with it and work with it. Hone in on yourself and stop doing anything, just for a second and breathe.

Capricorn: You are demanding recognition for how hard you’ve worked for so long. You want respect, a sense of belonging and a sense of ease. After all, isn’t this what you’ve worked for your whole life? But that recognition is not coming in the way you need it. Perhaps it’s time to embrace joy and let go of hopeless pursuits to be revered. You’re worthy of love, of course, but others’ love won’t fulfill what you feel you lack deep inside. You have to change. That’s okay.

Aquarius: Your stability is crumbling. Your ambitions and goals are becoming too intense. You’re hardly giving yourself the space to breathe, and you’re cracking under your pressure. You’re losing touch with your emotions, and thus, your world. You need to recenter yourself. You need to reevaluate your goals, and it is heartbreaking, because you have to realize that you might be setting yourself up for failure. You’ll always be a human being and a human being cannot be a machine. Stop trying to be.

Pisces: Your deep vulnerability is a beautiful thing. It can bring you to places that you’ve always wanted to be, experiences you’ve always wanted to explore. However, with each of your endeavors, you might end up disappointed and unfulfilled. These feelings need to be communicated healthily and you need to study your emotions and what they mean to you. Why are things never enough? Is it them, or is it you? Is it both?

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