The final horoscopes of the semester!
The final horoscopes of the semester!

Aries: Justice is served. As you wrap up the semester, something that brought you much stress has been resolved, and your faith in the universe has been restored. This good ending will bring about great news, which is already rushing your way. You’re being rewarded for standing your ground and trusting yourself to achieve what you always knew was right. You can finally relax, knowing that greatness is coming your way, and it’s fully deserved.

Taurus: You’ve locked in — for a lack of better terms. You’ve felt very focused and concentrated on the most important things in your life at the moment, putting yourself in a position of power that has brought some much-needed stability. But the weather is getting warmer, and the Earth is beautiful once more. It’s time to let go of the reins of life that you’ve grasped so tightly and enjoy yourself as the semester winds down. Don’t be afraid to be spontaneous or childlike. 

Gemini: You’ve established a strong, loving bond with someone in your life and it has filled you with joy. Know that as this week progresses, this relationship will grow into exactly what you’ve been yearning for. Love is on the horizon. This person isn’t going anywhere and neither are their feelings for you. Soak in this abundance of joy and keep acting on your feelings.

Cancer: A difficult decision has been lurking behind you like a shadow. To make matters worse, the whole picture isn’t exactly clear to you, and you’re not sure if it ever will be. In this time, you must be resourceful. Dig deeper into the situation, and do what you can to take the most informed, well-intentioned course of action. You have what it takes to handle this. Trust in yourself.

Leo: Someone you have been very kind and generous to has betrayed you, and you’re dealing with the fallout. You’ve enjoyed treating this person to gifts and acts of benevolence, but clearly you’ve been misguided. There is a chance for reconciliation, but you’re well aware that a second chance is not something you’re itching to reward them with. Have a conversation to try and build a better understanding of how this happened and go from there.

Virgo: Enough hiding. It’s time to come out of your shell. Have you seen the weather? Get outside and get social. Maybe some of it could be excused by workload or exhaustion, but everybody knows you’re isolating and it’s not doing you any good. You’ll quickly realize how much you missed social interaction when you start going out again, and you’ll spend the rest of the semester realizing you can healthily balance your social and academic lives. 

Libra: You’ve been on a high lately. Those close to you have celebrated your recent achievements, and you’re feeling proud of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with this. You deserve to revel in your success, but make sure not to lose sight of your future. You have to finish this semester strong. Don’t let your current glory distract you from what’s left. 

Scorpio: You feel at peace with yourself and your surroundings. You are content with where you’re at and have found yourself admiring the beauties of your life alone. You’re spending time with yourself in this harmonious period, but it’s all in preparation for something that is fast approaching, and has the potential to throw you off balance. Keep grounding yourself, and don’t let this news ruin the peace you’ve strived so hard to find.

Sagittarius: You are on edge. Something, or someone, is making you wary, nervous and uncomfortable. You find yourself getting defensive easily and feeling like everything is an attack towards you. You know you have to address this, and you know exactly how. It’s just a matter of willing yourself to do it. Build up your confidence, prepare your words and ask yourself the hard questions you’ve been putting off. There is nothing appealing about always feeling like you’re on thin ice. 

Capricorn: You feel surrounded by love and have achieved a level of comfortability and security around your peers that you have longed for. With these pleasant feelings comes a new sense of hope, and a raging desire to further your relationships and build deeper connections. It’s never too late to create strong, long-lasting bonds. Don’t let the semester’s end trick you into thinking this is only temporary. It’s not.

Aquarius: It’s time to have fun, but it’s also time to show off your academic prowess. Don’t sell yourself short. You know that when you really apply yourself to assignments, the results are phenomenal. You enjoy the work you do, so make that show in your projects. You have what it takes to spend plenty of time with friends while still pumping out strong academic work.

Pisces: You’re realizing new passions and interests, and it has guided you into an exciting, new chapter of your life. This fresh set of hobbies has also revealed a new side of your personality, one that’s more willing to share ideas, take initiative and communicate. There’s so much to explore and you’re eager to do it all. Let yourself frolic and have fun.