Horoscopes: Week of November 17

Aries: With Scorpio season ending and multiple planets entering Sagittarius within the next week, it’s time to look towards the future. Your focus is moving away from your subconscious and towards all of the bright possibilities ahead of you. You’re motivated to find meaning in the suffering you’ve endured. Life is starting to look beautiful again. Do not feel discouraged by periods of doubt and fatigue; embrace rest as you prepare to act again.

Taurus: Your darkest secrets and deepest fears are at the forefront of your mind right now. Do not let your shame prevent you from embracing those around you. If you hide, you miss out on all the joyful memories you could be creating. Make sure you have an outlet for your thoughts, but do not let them consume you so much that you erase yourself from the world.

Gemini: You will soon reap the seeds that you’ve sown throughout Scorpio season. You have the power to discover who you are, what you want and what you need. Your relationships are massively beneficial in this pursuit. Those who you are most intimate with are a reflection of who you are at your core. If you love them, then love yourself with the same intensity.

Cancer: What do you want to change about your life? What do you want to change about yourself? How can you effectively make these changes? You need to explore these questions as Sagittarius season begins. Avoid being too hard on yourself as you do. Be simultaneously realistic and adventurous. Know that you have endless potential. Pursue every endeavor that inspires you.

Leo: You are returning to your most authentic self. You’ve held yourself back for too long. Now is the time when you need to let your imagination run wild, to brag about your achievements, to show the world that you are someone with inherent worth. Your life is a gift. Be grateful for every part of yourself.

Virgo: Evaluate your home life and family situation. Where are you satisfied? Where are you not? What can you do to feel safer at home? Do not be rash. Communicate with family carefully. Home is meant to feel warm and inviting. If it does, then relish it. If it doesn’t, then take any step you can to make it so — even if that means creating a new home entirely.

Libra: Words hold immense power right now. Your mind is a beautiful thing that deserves to be expressed. Do not let your motivations be impeded by a lack of self-confidence or by situations out of your control. You do not have to accomplish something grand in order to be important. Be proud of yourself for who you intrinsically are. Nothing and no one should convince you that you are unworthy.

Scorpio: Build an emotional, social and financial safety net as you prepare to resurrect yourself. Comfort and a sense of family feel hard to come by right now. You’re stuck inside of yourself, moody and obsessive — you need to channel that energy outwards. Work hard on both yourself and your career. Show yourself off. In doing so, you find a new way to love yourself.

Sagittarius: As insecure as you may be, it’s time to show yourself to the world. Put yourself out there and express yourself unconditionally. You have so many doubts, so much you criticize yourself for, but others see a bounty of goodness within you. No matter your fears, learn to be as shameless and free as the archer you are.

Capricorn: You are starting to feel more dormant than usual. Your energy is low and you feel hidden. Utilize these feelings to return to yourself. Confront what is buried inside of your head. Self-transformation is inevitable when all of your focus is directed inward; embrace it. There is beauty in rest.

Aquarius: Stop thinking about changing your life and take the necessary steps to enact that change. You know that the way you are living is no longer sustainable. You’re stuck in a cycle of wanting to change, yet never putting your foot forward. Tread carefully, but move forward nonetheless. Do not be afraid; all that you hold dear will only grow dearer as you reinvent your life. Fight for what is important. Let go of control.

Pisces: Security feels so hard to come by. You’re carefully controlling yourself in order to protect your reputation, but your social circle seems tenuous and your mind feels unpredictable. It is important to prioritize career, but no security will come from that if you neglect all other areas of your life. Achieve balance for a sense of peace. If you fall back into bad habits, then check in with yourself on how to make them better ones.

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