Zasbrouck’s Breakfast for Din-Din

How in the world could we ever survive without Hasbrouck’s “Breakfast for Dinner?” We bring it to our homes, that’s how! I decided to just put scrambled eggs, home fries and toast. So, here’s:

Zasbrouck’s Breakfast for Din-Din

How many people are you making this for?

This is for two.

You’ll need:

Butter (probably a tbsp. total)

4 eggs


5 medium-sized potatoes

1 onion

Salt & pepper

4 pieces of whole wheat bread

For the eggs: Crack your eggs into a small bowl. Add a dash of milk and whisk until it’s an even milky yellow. Grab another skillet, throw some butter on a medium-high heat, and then pour the eggs into the pan. Then scramble them! That is all.

For the potatoes: Dice them into squares, whichever size you would like. Boil the potato pieces in water for about 10 minutes or so until they are partially cooked. While that’s happening, cut up and dice an onion (this really depends on how many potatoes you use. I used about five medium size potatoes per onion), put the potatoes in a skillet on medium-high with some oil and butter. Then throw in the onions. Add salt and pepper to your liking. Let everything cook for a while until the potatoes and onions turn golden brown. For extra taste, add some herbs de Provence. You’ll definitely have enough left over for some munching later.

For the bread: Toast it. Yay!

This dish is simple and satisfying. Just how I like my one-night stands.