Sport or Not? Humans V Zombies


I have a highly controversial topic for this week’s Sport or Not. Have you seen bright flashes of orange whiz past you as you walk across campus? Have you heard shouts of “civilian” as you pass? Have you seen a herd armed with NERF guns pass by? Well, then you have been witness to the Humans versus Zombies war that happened on campus. As a freshman, I saw this club for the first time on our campus, and it caught my attention as well as many others. Permission to let your inner child loose and engage in a full on nerf war? Count me in!

I believe that Humans versus Zombies qualifies as a sport!

It has all the necessary elements: teams competing against each other, physical exertion, mental strategy and a point tally. I would not say that it is the same level of sport as, like, soccer or basketball, but this war seems like a sport to me. The armbands are their team jerseys, and the nerf guns serve like balls do in other sports. Two teams of people in a physical competition using objects to add a level of difficulty is a sport in my eyes. I cannot wait to see the next Humans versus Zombies war!

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