Sport Or Not? Dating In College


We all crave human connection. Or, at least a Brooklyn Nets season that does not end in disgrace. That being said, we have different ways of going about it. A strategy. Some play the field, some play for keeps. I, and many, have developed a hybrid strategy where you do a bit of both. You go on cute dates with people you think you have a future with and then grab cocktails with people you uh well … don’t. Rather than playing games, it is a game. 

There’s even rules. Never double text. Never send nudes unprompted. Never order anything onion or garlic based as a starter. A mixture of chivalry and common sense. Similar to no handballs in soccer, you can’t be more than fifteen minutes late to meet someone. 

There’s even leagues. You’ve got the apps, the bars, campus, even blind dates from friends that have the potential of going so badly that you begin to question the basis of the original friendship. 

What actually makes dating a sport is that it’s fun. When people watch the Olympics, they don’t watch it to see the hundreds of athletes simply getting it over with. They watch to see the people enjoying themselves doing what they love. 

That holds true for many when they date. They have fun either falling in love or getting laid, not that one’s better than the other. The important thing is that they work on doing something that makes them feel good and fulfilled. Sort of like Alex Caruso throwing an alley oop.