Sport or Not? Halloween Candy


You have just done your food shopping, and you are sitting in your dorm room all alone. There is only one thing to do: open the bag of Halloween candy you just got at Tops.

Considering we are at a point in the semester where we are all going through it and there’s Halloween candy being sold at stores, I would like to start a controversial conversation and say that I believe eating an entire bag of Halloween candy alone in your dorm room, specifically late at night, counts as a sport. For one, it requires strategy. Do you go for it randomly or formulate a plan? What candy do you eat first? Should you throw the wrappers in a pile or crumble them up? Strategy is important in sports, and that is present here. 

Secondly, it requires stamina. At some point, you’re sure to get sick or too full, so you need stamina to pace yourself. This is where determination comes into play, as well. If you attempt to eat an entire bag of halloween candy in one go, there’s got to be some aspect of determination present.

While I have not attempted this endeavor, I think it should fall under the umbrella of competitive eating, but with a spooky twist. If you have eaten an entire bag of Halloween candy in one sitting, I applaud your athleticism and fear for your well-being.

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