What is one way to initiate someone into New York City? Make them jump a turnstile and slide into the closing doors of a subway car. To some it may be out of frugality, to some it may be out of necessity, but to all (even though some may not admit it) it is pretty fun. Oxford Languages define a sport as an, “activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” To be honest, I think the argument for turnstile hopping being a sport makes itself. We, the New Yorkers, are the team versus the NYPD, the government, the expensive yet dirty MTA, “the system,” or just broke-ness. We are all opposing something when we choose to hop.  

 Existing in New York City, by nature, is a competition. To outsiders, our drive to seemingly want to get everywhere in the fastest way possible may seem unnecessary, but when you grow up in the city it’s just innate to move at least two times faster than the Google Maps walking directions. With this, jumping the turnstile is simply the most time efficient way to catch a train, as well as righteously maintain your status as a true New Yorkina (I just came up with that and kind of like it).