Sport or Not? Refraining From Texting Your Ex


High stakes. Physical exhaustion. Mental exertion. I’m talking about a sport — the sport of refraining from texting your ex.

We’ve all been there. It’s been weeks, days or, shoot, maybe it’s only been a couple of hours. You know you shouldn’t, but you want to so badly.

What is it with our exes that draws us back to them so easily? I’ve come to learn, my friends, that it is caused by something called ‘a trauma bond.’ 

Now, admittedly this is something I need to do more research on, but I had an insightful conversation with a friend who described this to me. She said when you go through things with someone, even if it’s negative, you stay connected to that person, even if they aren’t good for you. It’s like they’re literally tied to your body.

Fighting the urges these trauma bonds bring us is a sport, and to win you need to resist. 

I believe this week on Sport or Not, the question isn’t “is texting your ex a sport?” it’s “how will you fare in the game?” Will you score a goal, when they reply to your story and you dub them? Or will you lose the match? Can you win the season by going a whole month with no contact?

I know you can do it, readers. Next time you’re in the playoffs with the clock running, sweat dripping down your forehead and the crowd watching your every move, remember this: they are an ex for a reason.

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