Is Working in Retail a Sport?


Before I say anything: I love my job, I love working retail, I have no problems working retail, except for when I do … 

Working retail is a cutthroat. No one is patient, no one is kind (except the few customers that are because they see me as a human being) and no one can read the damn sale signs! 

In order for something to be called a sport, it has to require skill, you must exert some amount of physical work and follow a set of rules. 

I would argue that similar to cheer and dance, retail is a performance based sport. Your personality needs to shine so no one catches your little human errors. Performing in front of the customer and reciting your script, while at the same time trying to maneuver an archaic point of sales system. 

But retail isn’t just working the register. The amount of acrylic nails I’ve broken while trying to stock shelves is unforgivable. I would get my nails done at the beginning of the week, and by the time it became Friday, my right thumb nail would be in a completely different shape because I was using it as a box opener. 

Retail also is being a part of a team. My coworkers and friends that I’ve made at my jobs keep me there. It’s the community that is built amongst us as we gossip about catty customers or who’s not following the dress code.

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