Is Thrifting a Sport?


The popularity of thrifting has fluctuated over the course of history. From being a shameful activity to a trendy one, the evolution of thrifting has left today’s world with competitive thrifters all around.

The act of thrifting is nerve racking in a sense. As you’re walking into the New Paltz Salvation Army, you might see a cool girl walking out with hands full of good fashion pieces, and you begin to worry if there’s any scraps of fabric left for you. Much like athletes seeing a fearful opponent on the field.

Browsing through the various racks of miscellaneous items of clothing can be exhausting, just like running around a turf field. You’re flipping through hanger after hanger with hopeful eyes that you’ll reach a victory.

When your digging stops for a moment, and your eye catches a piece of clothing that speaks to you, you’ve scored a goal in a game. This small victory motivates you to continue your scouring of the aisles for more treasures.

Even virtual thrifting like the app Depop is stressful, with other buyers competing, trying to score a good quality piece for sale. 

I believe that thrifting is a sport, especially in our tiny trendy town of New Paltz.

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