Jets Disappoint Against Bears

As Julian said in the movie “Big Daddy”, “The God damn Jets.”

The Jets lost an ugly 27-19 game on Monday Night Football to the Chicago Bears.

The turnover battle again cost the Jets the game. Quarterback Geno Smith threw two interceptions and wide receiver Jalen Saunders lost one fumble.

Saunders’ fumble was a rare occurrence, but Smith needs to take care of his turnover problem immediately.

Since last season, Smith hes been tied with New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning with the most multi-interception games (eight) in the NFL.  Smith has shown flashes of brilliance, but too often he tries to hit a homerun when he should be content with a single.  If he can take a deep breath and just make the simple play, Smith could be a much better player, making the Jets a superior team.

Anyone calling for backup quarterback Michael Vick to become the starter is foolish. Smith has only played 19 career games and while yes, he hasn’t been consistently great, he still deserves a chance to play and grow.  The Jets have limited skill players on offense and a mediocre offense line, making Smith’s job much harder.

Regardless of who is the quarterback next season, General Manager John Idzik needs to spend money on offensive players.  In a league that’s driven by offense, the offense the Jets put on the field each week is embarrassing.

Going back to Monday night’s game, I don’t understand why officials consistently blow 50-50 fumble plays dead when a team has an opportunity to have a return on the play.  The play will be reviewed regardless, so let it play out and the team who recovered have a chance to make the most out of the play.

Yes, linebacker Demario Davis’ fumble recovery should have been a touchdown. And yes, had it been a touchdown the game would have been completely different, but ultimately that is not why they lost. The offense had so many opportunities to move the ball effectively, but they didn’t. Instead, they made mistake after mistake.

On the defensive side of the ball, there was some miscommunication in the secondary that needed to be fixed. I was very impressed with Antonio Allen’s open-field tackling. He played very hard and was a bright spot on defense.

Head Coach Rex Ryan and Defensive Coordinator Dennis Thurman needs to stop calling blitzes on third down. The opposition knows the blitz is coming, so the plays often result in a first down. They need to work to mix up when the blitzes are coming to keep the oppositions’ offense on their toes.

On Sunday the Jets will host the Detroit Lions.  The Lions will be coming to MetLife after beating the Green Bay Packers.  Unfortunately, it will be another rough week for the Jets. The Lions will win 31-20.  The Jets offensive line will have no answer for defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and wide receiver Calvin Johnson will score two touchdowns against the Jets’ secondary.

Look on the Bright side Jets’ fans, only 14 weeks until we get to host the Vikings.