Julie’s Special Ramen Noodles

hannah nesich

As college students, we’ve all heard the stereotypes: we will survive off ramen noodles and we will be broke. Empty pockets aside, some of us have to spend yet another night eating the delicious block of sodium known as ramen noodles.

Every time I indulge in the grand, salty goodness that is a package of microwaved ramen, I harken back to my days of youth.

My mother is an impressive chef when she has the time to cook. However, she’s a very busy woman.

When I was a child, she didn’t always have time to spend on home-cooked meals, to her regret.

Well, Mom, your incredibly unhealthy dinners were a hit and remain my favorite childhood meal.

So, readers, I share with you: Julie’s Special Ramen Noodles.

1) If you don’t want to be a sad, lazy human, consider cooking the noodles on a stovetop rather than in a microwave. If you want to be a sad, lazy human, carry on.

2) When the noodles are soft enough to serve, crack a few raw eggs and drop into the concoction. It’s great, trust me.

3) Strain the soup.

4) Place a slice of cheese at the bottom of the bowl you will soon pour your cooked soup into. Make sure it is an individually- wrapped slice from Kraft. Any other type of cheese is an imposter that won’t make your spoon nearly as inconveniently cheesy as it should be.

5) If you wish, add a memory of your mother’s guilt.

6) Pour that soup in, and enjoy your Ramen-egg-cheese concoction.

This decadent meal comes with high blood pressure and pure joy.