KAZ Vapes to New Heights in New Paltz

KAZ blowing a cloud from his vape.

Being a senior consists of many aspirations for the future, with graduating being the top priority as well as considering the daunting question, “what’s next?”

Fourth-year economics major Daniel Kaziev attained his answer when he created a lucrative online business of electronic cigarettes named KAZ Vaporizers LLC.

The 21 year old SUNY New Paltz entrepreneur started the business in Oct. 2017 to curate products that fit the needs of various smokers trying to quit traditional cigarettes. Kaziev, who was in the process of quitting at the time, saw the trend of smokers switching to the endless options of e-cigarettes, but also noticed the high prices that tag along with them.

KAZ Vaporizers prides itself in the wide array of affordable vaporizers and e-liquids that are displayed in a minimalist fashion on its website, as well as clothing featuring the brand’s logo.

The company sells from coast to coast, with Kaziev’s target demographic being students like himself. For example, the “back to school sale” promoted on the site ,as well as the company’s social media presence.

“Social media is my number one marketing tool,” said Kaziev. KAZ Vaporizers currently has a Facebook page and more than 3,000 followers on Instagram.

Kaziev is now taking the company to a new level by selling products in stores. “I’ve been working with marketing directors and its been determined that consumers like buying in physical shops,” he explained.

KAZ Vaporizers will be in various vape shops in New Paltz by the end of February, to the like of local customers such as third year marketing major Larry Brodetsky.

Brodetsky is former JUUL pod user, but has since used KAZ’s products since switching to e-cigarettes. “The pod size is twice that of the JUUL. Furthermore, the pods on the KAZ are refillable, meaning you can use any e-juice of your choice,” he said.

Brodetsky expanded on the convenience of the product by adding that the battery charges fully within the hour with a micro USB cord, in comparison to JUUL pods which need a small charger that is frequently lost or misplaced.

For this and other reasons, Kaziev believes his products are for a “new generation of electronic cigarettes,” explaining one could limit the amount of strength and pull, in addition to the wide selection of flavors that could easily be filled.

KAZ Vaporizers isn’t Kaziev’s first business venture expertise, “I learned from those previous mistakes, [KAZ Vap.] took longer than expected, but it was worth it.”

You can follow KAZ Vaporizers on Instagram at kaz_vapor
Or purchase his products at https://kazvapes.com/collections/e-liquids and soon at local vape shops in New Paltz.