Lakeside Licks: A Cone In One

Photo by Maxwell Reide.

Photo by Maxwell Reide.
Photo by Maxwell Reide.

Mini golf and ice cream: two essential components of any good summer … and winter?

New Paltz now has close access to both in one place once again, as the mini golf course formally known as Yummies, now Lakeside Licks Ice Cream & Mini Golf, has opened in Highland, and isn’t going anywhere, not even for the changing seasons.

John Marsh, the owner of four ice cream stands throughout the Hudson Valley, will soon be officially purchasing Lakeside Licks Ice Cream & Mini Golf, and has made some unique changes to attract customers.

If there is a demand, Marsh said he wants to stay open, even during the colder months and serve breakfast and lunch.

“We’ll stay open as long as people come,” he said, laughing. “If people want to play mini-golf I’ll keep blowing leaves off [the course], I don’t care.”

The newly cleaned and updated attraction residing right on Route 299, a seven minute drive from the heart of New Paltz, is not just your usual vanilla cone kind of place.

Marsh stocks 24 different flavors of soft serve ice cream, which can be intertwined to create individualized and unique flavors.

Cheesecake and pistachio are the most popular soft serve flavors since the re-opening the second week in July, according to Marsh’s daughter, Jennifer.

“I’ve had almost all of the flavors,” she said. “They’re amazing. Even if I didn’t work here I’d be around all the time for them.”

She cited the success of Lakeside Licks to the positive reactions from patrons when they find out it is a family business. She said her, her siblings, parents and even cousins work at the course and the other ice cream stands throughout the area, but that they are still taking applications for more positions.

“It’s hard to find mom-and-pop places that are [successful] like us,” she said. “There’s never a time when you come in and someone from my family is not here. It’s nice, my dad will talk to people he’s never met before for an hour because he’s so passionate about it.”

This family-run business is still getting on their feet, according to John, but is trying to reach out to the community to get more involved.

Recently, the family took off to the Kingston Festival of the Arts in an ice-cream truck that John said he wants to use more for the business. But he hasn’t stopped there.

Every Thursday night from 6-9 p.m. is Cruise Night at Lakeside Licks, where local residents can show off their classic cars, motorcycles or hot rods and win a prize, people’s choice.

John said he hopes to add even more additions to the golf course, add a drive-thru window to the kitchen, interact more with the local community or maybe even add more attractions like a batting cage.

“There’s nothing for kids to do around here,” he said. “There’s just nothing around here.” John, knowing the previous owners, asked them to “give him a shot.”

The cost to play a round of mini-golf is $6 for adults, $5 for seniors and children and children four years old or younger pay their age. John also said in order to attract more students at SUNY New Paltz, he will give a 10 percent student discount.

In addition to ice cream, the business sells classic foods like burgers, mozzarella sticks and fries.

If interested in hiring John and his ice cream truck for an event, contact him at (845) 742-7743.