Let’s Kill Hitler

Hey there Whovians!

“Doctor Who” has picked up in the last few weeks, returning from a lengthy summer hiatus. The Tumblr communities are rejoicing as the science fiction nerdery is restored. True to form, show runner Steven Moffat has made a violent splash on the Who-niverse in only a few episodes. As always, there are spoilers to come.

Before the summer break, we found out River Song was actually Amy and Rory’s daughter, but we didn’t get much about her childhood. In the half-season opener “Let’s Kill Hitler, ” we get just that.

We start with a little back story on Rory and Amy and their friend Mels. Yeah, the friend they’d never mentioned before but named their daughter (Melody) after? That one. We got to see Rory, Amy and Mels as a childhood trio getting into all sorts of shenanigans and it was cute. Soon we discover Mels is an earlier regeneration of River (who can regenerate because she’s a TARDIS baby). Long story short, Mels regenerates and is suddenly super-hot Alex Kingston who gives this hilarious promiscuous performance as she gets used to her new regenerated form, steals clothes from German aristocrats and tries to kill the Doctor.

In terms of the major arc, that’s about all we get. The next two episodes, “Night Terrors” and “The Girl Who Waited” both offer a bit of character development (some amazing emotional scenes for Amy (Karen Gillan) in the latter), but since they were originally supposed to air earlier in the season. They offer little to no plot advancement.

Next week’s “The God Complex” looks to be another episode where Moffat plays on the childhood fears of his fans. If you need me I’ll be curled up behind the couch.