Letter To The Editor By Rosalyn Cherry

To the Editor,

As a member of the New Paltz community I am very impressed with the extent and quality of The Oracle’s coverage of community issues. We are having local elections here on Tuesday, Nov. 5. It occurred to me that since The Oracle has generated so much interest in the community, students might want to vote in these local elections.

Registration cut off for the November election is Friday, Oct. 11. So, that gives everyone about a week to get this done. Here is the information I received from the Ulster County Board of Elections.

Anyone who is transferring registration from another county can do it several ways: (1.) Fill out a new voter registration form and indicate where they were registered and we will transfer them to Ulster County and (2.) Go to the Dept of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to change their driver’s license and they have the option to register to vote right there.

Make every effort to register to vote this November. There are voter registration forms at the NYPIRG office in Student Union 426 or you can also download the form at www.co.ulster.ny.us/elections/NYvoterregistration.pdf . The Ulster County Board of Elections number is 845-334-5470. If you were thinking of changing your license anyway there is a DMV mobile office at New Paltz Town Hall on Rte. 32 on Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. but closed for lunch from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m.

There are some important races in November where several candidates have strong environmental records having passed legislation including banning fracking and all related activities in the town to prohibiting toxic and radioactive fracking brine being used on Ulster County roads to de-ice in the winter or keep dust down in the summer.

I hope you will continue to be aware of and appreciate this progressive and forward-thinking community where you now live. And thank The Oracle for their coverage.

Remember to get that registration form in now and vote with your community on Nov. 5th.

Every vote does count!

Rosalyn Cherry

New Paltz