Letter to the Editor- Duncan-Gilmour

  KT Tobin is exactly who we need on the Village Board right now. In a town with absurdly combative and immature politics Ms. Tobin is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she eminently qualified and experienced from her time on the school board, affordable housing board and as the associate director of the Benjamin Center, but she is an authentic public servant more concerned with working hard to help people than pushing her own agenda and squabbling with other politicians. 
     Anyone who follows our local politics knows that many of our elected officials are not just unprofessional, but nasty to one another and constant fighting is counterproductive and unnecessary. I know KT will build, trust and compromise, treating her fellow officials with respect and getting to work solving problems and helping people in our village. 
     In addition, KT has a great track record of fighting for beliefs widely held by the village of New Paltz, being an unflinching progressive and a supporter of Bernie Sanders, she’ll continue his “grass roots” fight for a better America right here at the village level. KT isn’t just talk, she’s the kind of leader who gets in the trenches organizing and working hard to bring transparency to our local government and fostering a sustainable community.
     If you want to continue what Bernie started and build a better government from the bottom up by electing responsible, intelligent, qualified officials, then KT is a great choice for Village Board.

-Eli Duncan-Gilmour