Letter to the Editor – Geher

I write to provide my strongest support for KT Tobin who is running for Village Board in New Paltz. I recently attended a presentation by [Assemblyman] Kevin Cahill at a meeting of Move Forward New York. At that meeting, I asked Cahill for his thoughts on the upcoming four years – which many of us are concerned about. His answer was remarkable. He essentially said that he is not too concerned – and that he does not recommend looking too far into the future or too far from the Hudson Valley. His take on things was essentially that we need to take back this nation starting as locally as possible. And if we can get great candidates into office who stand for the values that we believe represent the foundation of our nation, we will be on track to take things over from the ground up. He was quite inspirational in his response – and I have to say that his message was one of hope.

KT Tobin represents hope. I have known KT Tobin well for nearly two decades. She is, and always has been, a fighter of the good fight. She stands, to my mind, for the true values of our nation. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of our schools. And she has contributed strongly to efforts to help preserve the environment – and she has come out strongly in favor of humane approaches to issues such as immigration and human rights. And she has a reputation for getting things done – a reputation that, to my mind, is highly warranted.

If you want to help take back this nation, start local. And if you live in the Village of New Paltz, I strongly recommend that you give KT Tobin your fullest consideration. Here is to taking back our nation one village board seat at a time.

Glenn Geher
New Paltz