Letter to the Editor – Greco

I’ve been struggling with how to express who Rebecca Rotzler is in my eyes. Then tonight at the public hearing for Local Law #4, proposed by Dan Torres to make New Paltz a “sanctuary” town, Rebecca stood up to speak in favor.

After scrambling to get a ride there and eventually catching the bus, she walked up to the podium, her voice strong and true. Not laboring over each word the way almost anyone would on camera two weeks before the election. No mention of the election. She didn’t even identify herself as a member of the Village Board in front of a room full of many unfamiliar faces. Just simply, “I’m Rebecca Rotzler.” All passion and compassion. And humility.

She’ll never barrage you with mailers, even if she could afford them, because she really does care that much about the environment. She won’t be bullied, and she can’t be bought. She’s proud to be a working-class Native American woman who single-handedly raised an exceptional young man in this remarkable village that she’s called home for nearly three decades.

I’ve had the privilege of calling Rebecca Rotzler a friend since I moved here 18 years ago, and I’ve never seen her miss an opportunity to volunteer her time and muscle to help anyone in need. I urge you to re-elect her to the Village Board on May 2, where she can continue to provide a voice for the voiceless.

Feebe Greco
New Paltz