Letter to the Editor – Kerr

Always a smile when recalling newly elected Canadian Premier [Justin] Trudeau’s response to a question about why his cabinet was half women. “Because it’s 2015,” he said.

In the case of this year’s Village Board election, we are blessed with women as smart as they are strong. Two of them, Rebecca Rotzler and KT Tobin have had my back and the back of the New Paltz community over years, and have earned our respect. How many of us are historic heroes to the LGBTQIA+ community, have traveled to Staten Island week after week to aid hurricane victims and sat in the hospital with a healing Gabi O’Shea? Who has led tough negotiations on the Millbrook Preserve with a quiet strength and dedication to the land and championed the powerless during years of service to the Village Board? 

That’s Rebecca Rotzler. 

Who co-founded one of the earliest and most effective village-sponsored environmental groups? Who worked to bring us Flood Aid and Regattas, while serving in one of the most highly respected offices in New York State? And who rose to the occasion with a fierce defense of our constitution and with an eloquence which inspired so many when she suddenly became acting president of the school board? That would be KT Tobin. 

Electing Tobin and Rotzler would provide a little balance and harmony to the recently man-centric board. Electing these two mighty women would also represent putting two highly qualified candidates who are running for the right reasons at the Village Board table. Please vote your conscience. My conscience leads me squarely to the proven performance for New Paltz by Rebecca Rotzler and KT Tobin.

Donald Kerr

New Paltz Village Trustee