Letter to the Editor – Rogers

I’m endorsing KT Tobin and Bill Murray for Village Board because they are thoughtful decision makers with track records.

Elected officials in New Paltz have many projects to spend time on: downtown parking, safe and affordable housing, emergency services, open space, storm water management, outdoor recreation, LED streetlights, sidewalks, sourcing water, sewer plant capacity – and the list goes on.

SUNY New Paltz and on- or off- campus students are important contributors to our community’s character. Make no mistake – even if a student isn’t paying taxes directly, we’re all reliant of effective local government.

Because we are entrusted with these tax dollars, we must be especially scrupulous. That means decision-making often takes longer than expected. Patience and perseverance are vital but we must also be attentive to anticipated and unintended consequences. KT speaks about balancing mindfulness of the economy, environment, and community. Bill balances responsiveness with responsibility. I believe in these types of nuanced approaches.

I have witnessed KT work hard on the Board of Education, organize environmental initiatives, improve our community’s emergency preparedness and raise funds for first responders and affected residents after superstorms.

Bill is also a doer. He has spent countless hours on the Village Planning Board. Going on two years, he has been on the Village’s special committee which toils weekly to update our zoning laws. For 2016, he received the New Paltz Fire Department’s “Distinguished Service Award” from our volunteer firemen.

Both Bill and KT are two of the most committed volunteers in our community. I am excited by the prospect of them joining our Village Board to continue work on our various New Paltz projects. Please join me on May 2 in voting for KT and Bill.

Tim Rogers

New Paltz

Village Mayor