Letter to the Editor – Weisburd

I heartily endorse KT Tobin for New Paltz Village Trustee. My family and I have been village residents for about three and a half years and love it. I have enjoyed interacting with KT on several occasions; from handing out flyers informing parents of opt-out options to political discussions and common interests. I have come to think highly of her.

I take civic responsibility seriously and have researched each candidate. KT Tobin is the best person for this position. Having spent time getting to know KT a bit I have felt her commitment to New Paltz strongly. I trust her when she speaks about the fact that each thing that comes before the Village Board MUST be carefully considered with its effects on the economy, the environment and the community as a whole, equally. I believe in her ability to listen and work with others in a respectful way making careful and thoughtful decisions. Her work for our community is part of the public record and cannot be denied. She will continue to protect the health and safety of our community. 

One thing missing in politics today is compromise, which KT can do. I believe she will put in the time and energy that is required to find sane solutions that are for the greatest good. 

KT has talked about being part of the local resistance to our country’s problems. So many of us have been galvanized by what is going on in politics from the federal to the local level, and KT is stepping up for us in a real way. I am grateful to her for doing so and excited to see what she does. 

We must all do our homework and find out the actual, verifiable facts. The facts are that KT has served our community for many years. She believes strongly in justice and fights for it. She is a single mother, working hard for her family and our Village. She has earned everything she has through hard work and I am inspired by her.

All of these things and more have compelled me to reach out. I hope you will look at all of the candidates seriously and see that KT Tobin is clearly the best choice. I look forward to voting for her.

I also endorse William Wheeler Murray who I have met recently and find to be thoughtful and committed to our Town and Village. His work as a volunteer firefighter is to be commended. He has also served on many local committees. I believe he handles himself well and will work similarly to KT in that he will be cooperative, civil, thoughtful and fair. 

I also highly value Rebecca Rotzler. I believe her institutional knowledge is valuable. She is smart, committed and capable. I love her dedication to important issues. Rebecca is another excellent choice. 

I hope this is helpful, look forward to our future & to getting to know many of you better.

Thank you.


Stana Weisburd