Letter to the Editor – Zipp

Like many, I am horrified by the state of the world today. From the inflammatory tweets and speeches of [President Donald Trump] to the attacks on our civil liberties as well as the destruction of our world on many fronts, we are dealing with a lot of incompetence under this presidency. 

This is what happens when the person elected is not qualified, has narrow views, is not of sound mind and is only interested in negativity, tearing other people down with lies and governing with fear tactics. This is why we resist. This is why we rise up. This is why getting involved in politics on the national and local level is vital. 

This is why I am voting for KT Tobin for New Paltz Village Trustee. KT is fueled by bettering our world and protecting our community with a sound and forward-thinking mind. She speaks truth and is someone who seeks truth from all the voices that make up our incredible village. 

And when it comes to honesty and integrity, KT is exceptional. Smart, strong and persistent — those are qualities Tobin possesses and qualities we need on our Board. 

These qualities have stayed true in KT’s personal and professional life. She knows the issues that are most affecting our country and our community. She has proven her dedication, insight and her ability to discern matters with great competence. We need steadfast, poised and knowledgeable people on our Board. A lot of hard work goes into making New Paltz the great place that it is and we need trustees who can face the issues at hand and work hard to resolve them, protect our village and residents and make our village even better. 

I trust her knowledge and vision and on May 2, my vote is for KT Tobin.

Michele Zipp

New Paltz