Little Old Ladies Club Creates Space for the Crafty

Members of the Little Old Ladies club gather around a table in Smiley Art Building to create crafts. Photo Courtesy of @newpaltzlol

New Paltz’s Little Old Ladies Club is definitely the place to be on Monday nights, and it’s on track to becoming an official SUNY New Paltz club in the upcoming spring semester. 

Second-year students Celina Sciuto, a graphic design major and Gillian Henderson, an art education major, realized that there was a lack of craft-based clubs on campus and they both “wanted a space to share [their] interests with fellow crafty people.”

Together, the duo is making New Paltz history as one of the school’s first craft based clubs. On Engage, a club platform on the SUNY New Paltz website, there is not even a category for craft or art-based clubs and organizations.

Sciuto and Henderson both discovered their love for crocheting through doing other popular do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts, such as “rainbow loom, embroidery and bracelet making.”

“Being able to learn quickly through YouTube tutorials and the relaxing nature of the craft drew us in,” Sciuto said. “Being able to watch a project come to life in front of you is extremely rewarding.”

Sciuto and Henderson had already been in the same friend group, and they went on to introduce their other friends to crocheting. “We ended up having the same hope and vision for the club.” Shortly thereafter, the group was able to turn their hopes and dreams into a reality. 

“We came up with the name for Little Old Ladies because we felt the encompassing theme of the club is very old lady oriented,” Sciuto said. “We wanted everyone to be able to express the comfort of the little old lady inside of them with these relaxing activities.”

The club’s E-board members are preparing to take the necessary next steps to officially establishing the club. 

“The club approval process is only done in the spring semester, so we’re not even official yet,” Sciuto said. “We began the process by talking with the New Paltz Student Association to discuss our plans for the club.”

There’s a lot to look forward to once Little Old Ladies becomes official, such as “creating a mission statement, a club constitution and potential events,” Sciuto said.

In the near future, the club plans to venture into the realm of crocheting stuffed animals and beanies, and they are always open to new creative ideas.

There is also a club-wide quilt project, which is a collaborative group quilt composed of granny squares including different shapes, colors and textures of yarn. 

Thus far, the club has progressively expanded, especially after the first meeting. They started just over two months ago on Monday, Sep. 12.

In celebration of Halloween, the club came together on the night of Monday, Oct. 24. Everyone showed up in costume, ate candy, listened to some classic Halloween tunes and crocheted spooky spider webs. 

The Little Old Ladies Club creates a welcoming, cozy and close-knit environment for like minded people to come together and crochet, knit and to share their crafts with one another. It is an incredible way to meet new people and learn more about the friends you regularly go to meetings with.

People with any experience with crafting, or none at all, are welcome to attend – the club’s members range anywhere from beginners to experts. On their Instagram, the club explicitly states that attendees do not need to have any experience and do not need to stay for the entire duration of the meeting.

Music is a major part of Little Old Ladies, as they have a collaborative playlist composed of music from various club members.

A key aspect of Sciuto’s vision is to be able to provide attendees with tea, hot cocoa, snacks and the necessary tools for crocheting and knitting.

This does not come easily, and Sciuto expressed some difficulties she’s currently facing in the process of leading a new club. 

Sciuto explained how “finding and affording the resources for the club” has been rather difficult. Such resources include “yarn, hooks, needles and snacks.”

Looking forward, Sciuto is hoping to conduct a bonding activity at the start of the new semester, such as “speed friending,” to encourage new and budding friendships.

What once seemed like a dream has come to life for Celina Sciuto, and we wish the best of luck to her and to the entirety of the Little Old Ladies Club.

For more information about the club, check them out on Instagram @newpaltzlol or attend its meetings on Monday nights from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Smiley Art Building room 120.

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