Local Barbershop Buzzed for Location Change

On Sept. 23, owner and master barber of Ricci’s Barber Shop, Cindy Ricci, announced that the shop will relocate to a new, larger location, where Oasis Café previously stood, according to the shop’s Facebook page.

The new shop will be located at 58 Main St., West Wing Upper level, towards the end of the parking lot on Plattekill Ave. The news came shortly after P&G’s announcement of plans to expand their restaurant, which would allocate some of its new space into the barber shop. So far, there has been no conflicts between the businesses and the move has been a smooth transition. 

“I’ve known the owner of P&G’s for a very long time, he’s been my landlord for over 20 years,” Ricci said. “He’s a great man, and so when he told me about the expansion I had no problem looking for a new location.” 

The announcement of P&G’s expansion also came at a very convenient time for Ricci, as Oasis Café closed its doors only a few months prior. 

“It made the most sense for us to move up there,” Ricci said. “The new location is much bigger and will be able to fit all of the new plans I have in store.”

When it comes to new plans, Ricci’s Barber shop did not cut short. The shop will don a motorcycle theme, based off Cindy’s iconic hot pink 2014 Victory Vegas motorcycle.

 “We’ve really gone all out on décor,” Ricci said. “The cutting station will be decorated to look like toolboxes and we’ve got a special chair for children shaped like a motorcycle to make the haircut process easier.” 

That wasn’t all, in addition there will be a large popcorn machine for customers to snack on, a door leading outside towards a closed porch for children to play, and as Cindy described, a “brand-new high-tech wash station, where men can recline in while getting their hair washed.” 

While the move may be taken as bittersweet to some after being open at its location almost 25 years, for many customers it won’t change a thing. Ricci’s Barber Shop is known for their very kind, fun and courteous staff, which leave customers hooked.

“It’s excellent and is actually kind of a special place for New Paltz,” said local customer John Sweitzer. “Anytime you were in there it was a great atmosphere to get a haircut, from children and their moms to older men like me, it’s a fun place, you know, people were having a good time. I live about 20-25 minutes away, but I make to trip to get the haircut because I enjoy it.”

He added that the move wouldn’t affect his patronage.

“I’m still planning to attend, absolutely,” he said. “It has nothing to do with the location it’s the people and atmosphere, I’m sure Cindy will still be successful and participate in the community the way she always has.”

Thus far, Ricci has ran into no issues obtaining permits and hopes to move into the new building by Dec. 1. With 32 years of experience under her belt and being the only barber shop downtown who offers student discounts with ID, Ricci is confident that she will still be able to run a successful business regardless of the location.