Men and Women’s Swimming Open Season At Pumpkin Relay

The State University of New York (SUNY) at New Paltz men and women’s swimming teams had their season openers, also known as the Pumpkin Relays, at SUNY Cortland on Oct. 26.

The men placed third out of six teams with 237 points, falling behind SUNY Cortland (306 points) and Nazareth College (324 points). The only first place event for the men was the 800 yard freestyle relay. Fourth-year Tim Stetcher led the men, with second-year Ethan Bonney following, second-year Jared Finn coming in at third and second-year Mitch Happel finished up the relay for a time of 7:33.54.

During the first event, the 400x relay, third-year Nolan West went first and completed his 100 yards in 59.45 seconds. First-year Zac Browns followed with 1:04.7, second-year Luke Gamboli went third with a time of 55.11, and second-year Mitch Chappell finished the relay with 50.20. Together, the men’s 400x relay team placed third with a time of 3:49.46.

The women’s team came in fourth place with 217 points, as they fell behind Adelphi University (240 points), Nazareth College (314 points) and SUNY Cortland (350 points). With multiple third place finishes, the Lady Hawks clinched a first place finish in the 3×100 yard backstroke relay, including fourth-year Samantha Woll, fourth-year Chelsea Angulas and third-year Tessa Griger for a time of 3:08.50.

For the women’s 400x yard relay, fourth-year Samantha Woll started it off for the underwater Hawks at 1:04.97 for her 100 yards, who then was followed by third-year Lindsay Kranitz with 1:11.61. First-year Kirsten Giovanniello went third with a time of 1:01.76, and third-year Tessa Griger finished the relay with the fastest of the four with a time of 59.33. The relay team finished with a time of 4:17.67

The first-year class of Hawk swimmers showcased some of the fastest times of the season opening weekend.

First-year Kirsten Giovanniello split a time of 1:01.76 in her 100-yard butterfly leg on the 400 medley relay–the third fastest of the event. Brown, who had a time of 58.55 had a split in the 3×100 yard medley relay, topped all Hawk swimmers for the event.

During the 8×25-yard Pumpkin Relay, both the men’s and women’s teams finished second against Nazareth College, but the teams still remained in the top three, thus receiving a pumpkin.

The men’s and women’s swimming teams are back in the water when they host the Hartwick College Hawks on Nov. 2 at 1 p.m. for their home opener in Elting Pool.

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