Men’s Rugby Shaves Heads For St. Baldrick’s

The New Paltz Men’s Rugby Football Club (NPRFC) shaved their heads as part of the annual St. Baldrick’s event. Photo courtesy of Saidul Alam.

The New Paltz Men’s Rugby Football Club (NPRFC) partnered with Good Fella’s barber shop for their annual St. Baldrick’s event on Tuesday, May 2 in the Student Union Building (SUB) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. outside the school bookstore.

The St. Baldrick’s foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 1999. Last year, the foundation raised a total of $39.5 million.Students, athletes and New Paltz community members contributed to the organization’s push to find a cure to childhood cancer by shaving their heads.

The event started at 11 a.m., and by noon a substantial amount of money was already raised. The team raised over $4,000 on their donation page and also recieved cash donations during the event.

“We’re not even an hour into the event, and we’ve already had ten people shave their heads and we also have raised about $4,000 already,” third-year wing Saidul Alam, who helped coordinate the event, said.

Third-year captain Peter Randazzo was also one of the participants who shaved their head for the cause. Randazzo praised Good Fella’s barber shop’s efforts to get involved with the event.

“They were awesome,” Randazzo said. “We appreciated them volunteering their time for such a great cause. Around 20 of us shaved our heads in total and the event raised $4,057.”

Randazzo also mentioned the efforts of those who contributed towards St. Baldrick’s goal.

“SUNY New Paltz Men’s Rugby would sincerely like to thank all of those who were involved with the fundraiser and also to those who donated,” Randazzo said. “Our hearts go out to all people fighting cancer.”