Metals Program Student Nominated For International Award

Steven Holman, a second-year Master of Fine Arts candidate in the SUNY New Paltz Metal program, was nominated for the 2014 Talente award and exhibition in Munich, Germany.

Talente is a showcase and competition for newcomers under 30 who work in design and technology, according to, “A website that offers space of knowledge, information, debates and exchanges inside the context of contemporary jewellery.”

The exhibition takes place as a special show during the International Trade Fair for the Skilled Trades in Munich each year.

“Honestly, I was very surprised and excited by my nomination for the Talente award,” Holman said. “I was one of two Americans nominated for the award, and although I did not win the final award, the chance to represent America in such a well-known and prestigious show was an amazing honor.”

According to Holman, the application process involved submitting up to 10 images of work, as well as an artist statement. He submitted 10 different works from his “Tribe” series and of those two were chosen: “Mother’s Pearls, a Rabbit’s Den” and “Geode Torque.”

Although not directly involved in helping Holman apply, Professor Jamie Bennett and Professor Kerianne Quick were there to provide their input in the process of making these works.

“Steven’s participation in this exhibition coincided with all our MFA Metal students having an exhibition at the Pinakothec Museum in Munich, which is also a remarkable accomplishment,” Bennett said. “We have taken our graduate students to Munich for these exhibitions over the last 10 or more years. It is always a great experience, but this year was very special.”

Quick, who also attended the exhibition, said Holman is the first SUNY New Paltz student to be nominated in a while. She explained that the Talente award is in conjunction with Schmuck, a conference in connection with the International Trade Fair of Skilled Trades, but is for younger artists. Applicants have to be under 30 and  have to be in the beginning stages of their career. There’s an exhibition and all the accepted works are delivered to Germany. During the exhibition, a jury selects the award winner from the pool of accepted works.

Holman also showcased work of his in the aforementioned Pinakothec Der Modern-housed SUNY New Paltz student and alumni exhibition titled “Staring in Hindsight.” He said he had been to Schmuck before, but had never showed there, so it was exciting to have his work presented at two important venues.

“It’s an amazing networking experience where [the students] get to meet other people in the field, both their peers and famous artists that they respect and only get to engage with their works through photographs on the web,” Quick said.

Bennett said when any program develops an international reputation and receives such honors it is certainly beneficial to the standing of the university.