Meeting Miami: Beloved Student Theatre Troupe Returns

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Student theatre organization Miami Theatre Players announced their comeback for the fall semester with their upcoming cabaret-style musical.

It is no secret that New Paltz is a campus home to tons of talented students. Our campus is bustling with creatives— whether it’s an art show or a play, New Paltz always has something worth seeing. One organization that we see showcasing their art and talent is our very own Miami Theatre Players. The Miami Theatre Players is a completely student run group that puts on a musical each semester. This semester, they are producing a cabaret style musical they wrote together themselves: “Parts of Pieces.”

“Parts of Pieces” is a love story. Like any good love story it has highs and lows, a strong cast and a great musical score comprised of songs from different shows stitched together. Because the show is being performed in cabaret style, there is no one lead; multiple actors will be portraying the romantic relationship that makes the show. The show will cover the span of a relationship, from the first meeting to the breakup at the very end. The cast and crew are absolutely ecstatic to be working on a show again. This will be the first play they produce in person since the pandemic and they could not be happier. The Players continued to produce online shows and never stopped working over quarantine, but they gushed about the special experience of in person theater. A Zoom cabaret titled “Miami Miscast” was held by the group in March of 2020. They are working extra hard to put on their show. 

As a student run group and a group working during the pandemic, they have their fair share of challenges. There are fears about COVID, fourth year Co-President Michelle Handschu says, as well as the hurdle of being all different majors and types of students, but the Miami Theatre Players are working together to put on the best cabaret possible. It is, in fact, the working together aspect that they are excited for the most. 

“When people get to sing together and work off of each other, it just brings so much energy,” third year vocal director Riley Goold shared. “It just makes everyone that much more enthusiastic and excited and passionate!” The Players have started in person rehearsals, and even with masks they are making lots of progress. The group is beginning vocal and choreography rehearsals. Third year director Kara Fluman mentioned that after a year of being online, live and in person choreography has been a great experience for their group.

 Fluman highlighted that, “one thing I am excited about particularly with this cabaret style is the way that the entire cast is going to be able to work together.” The show features both soloists and an ensemble. The cast utilizes the cabaret set up to work together with every aspect of the show. Everyone contributes and is able to build onto the performance they are cultivating. By having multiple actors tell one love story, “Parts of Pieces” hopes to tell an abstract, but nuanced story.  

There is no shortage of talent to tell this story. Auditions for the show were a three day process. There were two days of open call on Sept. 9 and 10, then a day of callbacks on Sept. 12 before the cast list was released. The cast features 18 performers and the e-board mentioned that a large part of their cast is new. They are looking forward to adopting new players into the fold and preforming together. Goold wanted to add that the environment is very accepting and that “a lot of people are intimidated by theater… [we’re] not the scary college theater.” Everyone is welcome to come watch “Parts of Pieces” and try out for future Miami Theatre Players productions. Miami Theatre Players will also be holding auditions next semester for their spring show, so be sure to watch out if this play sparks interest.

The time and locations have not been determined yet, but “Parts of Pieces” hopes to perform in November. The cast and crew are looking for the perfect performance location. They are in the early stages of production and will spend the next few months working, pushing and improving their show. Parts of Pieces is sure to be a wonderful cabaret, and more information is to come soon! You can find the Miami Theatre Players on their Instagram @themiamitheaterplayers.

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