A Playlist For… Midwest Winters

As the seasons begin to change from fall to winter, the music that plays in my ears also begins to change to reflect the aesthetic of a midwest winter. There is something so strangely comforting to me about the dirty snow that gets thrown to the sides of the road from snow plows. There’s a weirdly human characteristic to it. Some might say that it’s gross or uncomfortable, but I think it reminds us that others are there in a season that can be so dreary. The same can be said for the songs on this playlist; objectively, they can be pretty sad, but there is some strange, unexplainable comfort that can also be drawn from them, especially this time of year. 

This playlist is for midwest winters, because emo is for everyone.

1. it’s always cloudy in kalamazoo — saturdays at your place

2. Honestly? — American Football

3. Randy, I Am The Liquor — Free Throw

4. Roy’s Our Boy — Charmer

5. This Song Is Called It’s Called What’s It Called — Hot Mulligan 

 6. For Tortus (My Cat) — saturdays at your place

7. Teeth — Mom Jeans.

 8. It’s Cold Out Here — Modern Baseball

 9. I Lost My Life — Prince Daddy & the Hyena

 10.  Twilight Funzone — Macseal

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Jeremy Sodergren is a third year journalism major from Central Islip, NY. This is their fifth semester on the Oracle staff and their first as Managing Editor. They are a member of SUNY New Paltz’s all gender a cappella group, Absolut A Cappella. You can reach them by emailing sodergrj1@newpaltz.edu.

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