Misunderstanding at CAS Board Confirmation

Misunderstandings regarding the different student positions within the Campus Auxiliary Services (CAS) Board was the reason that third-year political science major Jonathan Freifeld was confirmed to an alternate student representative seat on the board rather than a voting position during the first senate meeting of the academic year.

According to SA President Jennifer Sanchez, aside from her position on the board, there are three other student seats on CAS board. This includes an on-campus representative, an off-campus representative and an alternate position that “should really be filled by either a senator or someone on the executive board in the case that I am not able to fulfill my responsibilities for whatever reason,” said Sanchez.
Freifeld said that the alternate position was not what he wanted.
“If the election is recalled, I am definitely running for the on-campus voting position that I thought I was running for in the first place,” he said.
One of the main reasons Freifeld wants a voting position on the CAS Board is because there is a lot he wants to change.
“I want to make sure everything is being handled the right way, going to the right place…being physically responsible for the students and making sure the students are really getting the benefits of where their money is going,” said Freifeld.
Although CAS does give out scholarships, Freifeld wants to get more scholarships for students.
“It’s a hard time for students,” he said. “A lot of people are not getting the financial aid that they need and this would provide more for them.”
Sanchez agrees that the board is a really important and powerful body and will nominate students for the board that are “genuinely concerned” for students.
“My goal this year is to properly and adequately represent student opinion concerning anything covered by CAS Board,” she said.