Music Memories

At this point, who knows when it will ever begin to feel like spring. One thing I do know is that time is flying. These last few weeks have been great. March is always a good month to me, it seems.

On Thursday, March 5, I went to a cool place called Baby’s All Right near Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There, I saw The Growlers, who are a part of the “beach goth” genre of music. I am so glad I discovered these guys years ago. They brought their California vibes all the way to snow-ridden New York. It was such a great time seeing them live for the first time, finally, and much needed. At concerts, I think I speak for everyone, no one has a care in the world for that hour and a half of time. It was a sea of people my age packed together in a small space, having a great time. I did not even mind that I was getting pushed around in the first row. It is crazy to think that the band that you discovered years ago is standing right in front of you at arms-length.

Before and after the show, I got to hang out with the band, which was such a great experience. For example, their lead guitarist Matt, who talked to me beforehand, talked to me afterwards and said my “thumbs up” made his night. He made my night for sure. I even got to sit down and chat with the lead singer Brooks for at least 15 minutes after the show. Both guys remembered my name from before their set and thanked me for all of the support. Of course, they are regular people, but to know that they actually want to take the time to just talk and hang out is the best feeling. They are just regular dudes hanging out and eating dinner before they go on. Now, they are my pals. It makes you feel great when a band gives you their time and appreciates you like those guys did. You would never expect a band that you love to be so down-to-Earth. I look back on my experience every day and it means the world. I even have a setlist hanging on my wall.

Attending a concert is something I look forward to more than anything. I didn’t even mind that I got back to my room at five in the morning. Unfortunately, the bands I would see live do not come around very often. That only makes the times when I do get to see them even more incredible. I wish I could live my amazing experience over again. I am so grateful for my bond with The Growlers — something that will stick with me forever.

I forgot to mention, before the show, I had a burger that was bigger than my face. Music and food are always the best combination. Being in a college town with restaurants everywhere, I have been able to try foods that I would not be able to try back at home. Sometimes, you just have to take things for what they’re worth, run with it and enjoy every second. I can’t wait until the next concert when I get to meet up with these dudes again. 

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