Murals in Shango and College Halls to Stay

Although a renovation plan for College Hall and Shango Hall has not been developed yet, Student Association Vice President of Programming Anthony Lino thought it was important to address that the African American-inspired historic murals located in the halls should remain intact and preserved.

During a president’s cabinet meeting, Lino expressed the concern to the administration. Administrators informed Lino and the rest of the executive board the murals will be preserved.

Director of Resident Life Corinna Caracci said College and Shango Halls are not on the list for renovation for the next five to eight years.

“We are finishing the Hasbrouck side of the campus and concentrating on those five buildings,” she said. “It is my understanding that when College [and] Shango were to get renovated, the murals will be preserved as they were the last time we did a renovation in that building.”

In order to avoid any problems or discrepancy, Lino said following up on the murals’ standing is necessary.

“I still believe we should remain active in the issue because I’m not too sure that the people that are handling the logistics of how the building is… knows not to tamper with the murals,” he said. “I do want to make sure that the murals are preserved and make sure that the African American presence is felt in New Paltz.”

Scholar’s Mentorship Program Coordinator Manisha Ford- Thomas thinks murals around campus are unique to New Paltz and something that should be celebrated.

Ford-Thomas said that aside from the murals being an important representation on campus of the African-American legacy, she said “It is students’ work and to have that preserved on campus is an amazing thing to do.”