Musician of the Week: Kyle James Miller

Kyle James Miller
Kyle James Miller

YEAR: Third

MAJOR: English/Creative Writing

HOMETOWN: Altamont, N.Y.


What’s your instrument of choice? Why?

Guitar. It’s just the instrument I’m best at. But I also play harmonica. 

Who are you currently listening to?

Die Antwoord. Lou Reed. Hank Williams.

Who are your biggest influences?

Bob Dylan. Jeff Tweedy.

What do you do with music on/off campus?

On campus, absolutely nothing. Off campus, I’ve been playing a lot at 36 Main, A Tavola, Grimaldi’s, Oasis as well as working on a record with Savlation Recording Co.

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Just go for it. The worst that happens is that if you’re terrible, people will forget about you and if you’re good, people will remember you.


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