Musician of the Week: Terrell Coakley

YEAR: Fifth

MAJOR: Graphic Design & Black Studies

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, N.Y.

When did you start rapping?

I began writing in middle school.  I made a rap on titainium after a chemistry high school class. I grew up with R&B. I started writing raps more seriously freshman year of college.

What do you base your lyrics on?

I write about life experiences and what I know. I rap about college and being a Black man in America. My pull is that I don’t want to lie. I try to be honest.

Do you freestyle?

I like to freestyle, I do it all the time with my roommate.  Sometimes all day. But I don’t like to rap battle. You can say 1,000 words about me and I’ll be like, “That’s nice,  I just do my thing.”

Who is your biggest influence?


Who are you currently listening to?

J. Cole. Common. Wale. Jay Z. John Mayer.

Any advice for aspiring musicians?

Stay honest. Rapping is a passion.  Anyone can rap but not everyone can be an MC. It’s tough.

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