Nature Calls

Recently, The New Paltz Town and Village Board approved a preservation plan from the Clean Water and Open Space Commission that will protect the Mill Brook area.

We at the The New Paltz Oracle applaud the community governance for continuing their history of environmental protection policies.

This has been a project long in the making and we are pleased to finally see it come to fruition. New Paltz residents hold strong convictions when it comes to green initiatives and we are glad that both the village and the town realize this.

Mill Brook’s environmental benefits are crucial as it acts as the town’s “sponge,” absorbing excess water from rain and floods into the soil. As natural resources are increasingly exploited, it is important that administrative action be taken to ensure that wilderness areas such as these are undisturbed and left to flourish naturally.

This action not only benefits the people of New Paltz but also the animal life that exists in the surrounding ecosystem. Providing a safe habitat for wildlife only helps to maintain the natural beauty present in Ulster County, as well as stimulating regional food-chain stability.

Residents, we urge you to utilize these lands to experience all that our community has to offer. Leave your homes and the technology you are bound to behind and take in nature while it is still there to enjoy. Walk the Rail Trail. Hike the Mohonk Ridge. Do what you can to share this with younger generations before they fall to same introverted tendencies society currently holds.

When this plan is implemented, do your part to get involved improving the lands and become an active part of the community.