New Board Encourages Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has created an advisory board officials said was designed to highlight the importance of a liberal arts education and help current students achieve their career aspirations.

“We do ourselves a disservice if we fail to spread the word about the valuable skills that liberal arts provides,” said James Schiffer, dean of the College of Liberal arts and Sciences.

Schiffer also said he hopes to provide students with internship and employment opportunities.

The goals of the advisory board are to help provide funding for various scholastic endeavors such as experimental course offerings, stipends for summer internships, faculty awards and guest lectures.

The board is made up of 12 members, 11 of which are SUNY New Paltz alumni.
One of the members, Bruce Hottum, whose education at New Paltz took him to New York

University and then to Dental School said he is concerned with the current job market because more and more students are graduating and going to graduate school because they can’t get a job in their field.

“[Students] might as well go to grad school to shirk real life,” he said.
He hopes to give guidance to current students by giving them the perspective of a successful graduate.

Onnika Jervis graduated in 1993 and has stayed involved with SUNY New Paltz over a number of years. She has noticed that students have not taken advantage of the alumni networks at

SUNY New Paltz. She wants to let students know that there is an open network of alumni that are willing to give advice and help with internship and career opportunities.

“[There is an] obligation for alumni to give back,” Jervis said.