New Paltz Business Council Member Runs For Office

Thomas Sipos, SUNY New Paltz School of Business advisory council chairman, recently announced plans to run for the newly-formed 106th Assembly District seat.

Sipos said he is choosing to run for the position because of the knowledge he has concerning the Hudson Valley economy.

“I’m not a politics guy, so this has been a real education for me,” Sipos said. “However, I have seen the economy of the Hudson Valley for years, and it’s currently in the worst shape it’s ever been. If I join the assembly, I want to make sure people know the truth and what we can do to make things better.”

Sipos has been an active member of the Hudson Valley economic community for over 30 years. While not having a background in politics, Sipos is the founder of Hudson Valley Focus, a radio talk show which focuses on issues such as politics and the regional economy. Prior to founding Hudson Valley Focus, Sipos served as co-owner and vice president of Sipos Insurance.

Sipos said his main focus if he does win the Assembly seat is to help rebuild the economy in the Hudson Valley. He said while his seat would represent parts of Dutchess and Columbia County, the position hosts a regional platform for getting
initiatives accomplished.

“Because of my experience with and understanding of our local economy, I believe having this position would allow me to stand as a regional leader in improving our economy and helping people not just find jobs, but have the skills to get those jobs,” Sipos said.

Sipos said when the change in the economy happened “no one” was prepared for it to become as bad as it has.

Sipos said one of his strategic objectives is “to restore the 30,000-plus jobs lost in the Columbia, Dutchess, Orange and Ulster Region,” and to help citizens realize there are “hundreds, maybe thousands” of jobs available for people who possess the skills for them.

“What we’re seeing right now is that there are a lot of jobs that require technical training, but our society turned away from things like that a while ago,” Sipos said. “There are plenty of jobs in the Hudson Valley that mainly require a solid work ethic and knowledge of how to work a machine shop.”

Sipos said another key issue is to educate students on the opportunities that are available to them. He said students are the future and the driving force toward making the economy better, and if he isn’t elected, he will still pursue educating students on possible opportunities.

“If this whole assembly thing doesn’t work out, I’d like to host a big event on campus next semester for students here,” Sipos said. “I think there’s a big misunderstanding about our job economy, and I want them to know where our country stands. There may not be as many jobs out there, but the value of what students can provide is doubling and tripling.”

Hadi Salavitabar, dean of the School of Business, said Sipos is someone whose knowledge and care for the economy will benefit the Hudson Valley as a whole.

“He is knowledgeable and he cares deeply about the students here,” Salavitabar said. “He knows a lot about our economy having been involved with it for so long.”

Sipos said he believes he can make a difference in the Hudson Valley because of his economic knowledge.

“I want the younger generations to have a future, and I don’t want them to be worried about not having any options,” Sipos said. “The options are out there.”