New Paltz Chamber Sees Leadership Shift

New Paltz Regional Chamber of Commerce (NPRCC) Director of Membership and Development Chair Peter Ingellis has extended his duties to the position of Interim President.

Having started in early November, Ingellis takes over the position formally held by Michael Smith, who served as president of the NPRCC the past two years. Ingellis said his tenure with the NPRCC was a deciding factor in his role as interim president.

“I’m still working as membership director and I had been involved with the NPRCC as a member for several years,” he said. “I know the membership of the chamber very well, and I think that made me an appealing choice for the position.”

As someone who used to be an NPRCC member, he also said his knowledge of the NPRCC as a whole would be beneficial for the growth of the organization.

“I was a member from 2008 to 2011, and I understand the inner-working of the chamber,” he said. “I think having someone who has gone through as a chamber member and will provide continuity is valuable.”

As interim president, Ingellis will oversee all operations of the NPRCC, along with his duties as membership committee chair. In a press release issued on Nov. 12, Board Chair Frank Curcio said the board is confident that Ingellis will continue to build on the success of his predecessor.

“We are very fortunate that Peter can step up as interim president,” Curcio said. “We are confident that under his leadership, the chamber will continue to move forward and grow stronger for our members.”

Curcio also acknowledged the work Smith put in, and said he had only improved the NPRCC in his time as president.

“We wish to thank Michael for all his hard work over the past two years, as he leaves the Chamber better than how he found it,” Curcio said. “He has accomplished so much and we wish him well.”

Ingellis said he is excited to continue the work the NPRCC has already done this year, and that as interim president he looks forward to having more involvement in the projects that are already in the works.

Ingellis also said he is looking forward to expanding the NPRCC to different members of the community.

“We’re starting initiatives for groups of younger people and women in the community,” Ingellis said. “Different groups of people need to maneuver through business in different ways, and we want to help people as much as we can.”

According to the press release, the NPRCC has initiated a search for a permanent replacement for Smith.