New Paltz Dance Team Presents Spotify-Inspired “NPDT Wrapped”

"NPDT Wrapped," the New Paltz Dance Team's final performance of the year, is based on the music social media app Spotify's "Spotify Wrapped" feature. Photo from Kyra Russo

On Saturday, April 9, the Studley Theatre doors opened and welcomed the community to watch the New Paltz Dance Team perform one last time in their end of the year showcase. The performance began at 5 p.m. and went on until 7 p.m., with a short intermission allowing people to take a breather and digest the art that was on stage before them. The team performed five numbers, each choreographed by a different captain in varying styles of dance. While watching the members perform together for the last time, you could see in their movements how much hard work and dedication the team put in. 

The NPDT is one of the many performance-based clubs on campus, with an overall purpose “to allow our creative work to be viewed, interpreted and, most importantly, enjoyed by the public.” This team shares their art with the community by performing at all of the home women’s and men’s basketball games, while also working towards an end of the year performance.

This year’s theme was Spotify, hence the title “NPDT Wrapped,” and the team was able to put on and host a phenomenal dance event. Not only did the dance team have their own performances, but they also invited many other organizations such as SMACC, Sexy Pitches, Dance Association and Nachle to perform as well. Each group was able to bring a new element to the overall performance, from hip hop to Bollywood. It was amazing to see the community come together to create an epic night of dance. 

I had the opportunity to hear from one of the performers, Amber Fantaci, a first-year graphic design major on the team. 

“My feelings towards the show were relieved and excited because it was my very first time performing at the show with this team and I was so proud of everyone because we did so well,” she said. She later went on to explain, “For most of 

the team besides the seniors, it was also their first time dancing in person with the whole team because of COVID-19. And of course, the seniors were sad that it was their last performance with the team. Overall, I think we were all very proud of each other with how we worked together to create the show and each of the amazing dances performed.” It was a challenge for many clubs and student organizations to host events this year, but the NPDT was able to overcome those obstacles to create an amazing event.

Congratulations to the New Paltz Dance Team for a fantastic performance and creating an amazing space for all dancers to express their talents. The overall energy given off by each number was an electrifying display of student creative expression. The “NPDT Wrapped” was an absolute hit, and a fantastic way to the end of the year. Everyone keep an eye out for them next year!

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