SUNY New Paltz Welcomes a New Class of Athletes

SUNY New Paltz Athletics welcomes in a new class of first-year athletes eager to hit the fields, courts and tracks. 30 athletes across the seven fall sports teams are part of the class of 2027. 

“I absolutely love the team,” said Katie Singleton, first-year midfielder for New Paltz field hockey, “they are so much fun and such great people to be around. I ultimately decided on New Paltz because I knew it would be a challenging environment for me and would push me to compete to my full potential.”

Coach Thomas Hartnett, of men’s and women’s cross country, said, “Our new athletes have had an immediate impact on the team’s competitiveness and I am looking forward to seeing everyone progress toward the championship portion of the season.”

 Being at the one month mark since the school year began, the Hawks are adjusting to the life of a college athlete and have settled into their home at New Paltz and their new family of teammates. 

One new Hawk, Ashley O’Hara, first-year midfielder for New Paltz women’s soccer, said, “I came to New Paltz because it already felt like a family and we just have such a good team chemistry, which I have never seen before with any team. We just had our first conference game and we won 9-0. I feel we have a great shot of winning SUNYACS this year.”

Women’s tennis Coach Robert Bruley said, “Our four freshmen Olivia Kunz, Laina Martinez, Olivia Eifert and Alyssa Trokie have really settled in well to collegiate life. I think it has taken them a few weeks to shed the nerves and to get used to the New Paltz way of being a part of a very strong and successful program.”

He continued on with praise for the first-year students and highlighted one player in particular. “Olivia Kunz has been the standout of the freshman class. She has started two conference matches against Oswego and Cortland and has won both of her matches and with one or two injuries on the team she will continue to start and perform at a high level.”

The Class of 2027 Hawks: 

Men’s Cross Country

Brandon Gardner

Aiden Hesseltine

Ryan Price

Women’s Cross Country 

Alice Adamo

Field Hockey 

4 Maya Okeefe- Midfielder 

8 Lil Schaub- Defense 

22 Katie Singleton- Midfielder

24 Gabriella Barth- Defense 

77 Madison Orsini- Goalkeeper

Men’s Soccer

3 Samuel Snider- Defense

6 Kieran Weber- Forward

17 Dylan Thomasson- Defense

25 Steve Trombetta- Defense 

27 Dom Camuti- Midfielder

28 Logan Yamamoto- Defense/Midfielder

30 Joe Washington- Goalkeeper

Women’s Soccer 

00 Madelyn Jachimiak- Goalkeeper

14 Ashley O’Hara- Midfielder 

16 Erin Savarese- Midfielder 

20 Jillian John- Midfielder 

Women’s Tennis 

Olivia Eifert 

Olivia Kunz

Laina Martinez

Alyssa Trokie

Women’s Volleyball

3 Courtney Meyer- Outside Hitter 

6 Christine Balbona- Middle Hitter 

7 Kim Braun- Setter 

8 Lexi Stragalas- Middle Hitter 

13 Lola Konopa- Middle Hitter

16 Emma Mahoney- Libero

The Oracle is looking forward to what is to come from these talented young athletes and we wish them the best of luck.