New Paltz Give-Back: Online Volunteering

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In the wake of this pandemic, with so many people in need, it is important now more than ever to find ways to give back. 

It may seem like donations are the only way to do this, but if you are unable to give back financially, volunteering your time is also a great way to help out! 

Volunteering can seem like a big commitment, or something that’s difficult to find, but there are many different ways to do so, with varying levels of commitment or engagement. Nowadays, being a volunteer can happen online, in-person, every week or just once or twice. No matter what works for you, no donation or length of time is too small. 

The New Paltz Volunteers blog is a great place to start. This blog posts recent events and opportunities in the New Paltz area, and even has tabs like ongoing, one-time, on campus or off which allow you to choose the best option for you! 

If none of the posts there catch your eye, the Ulster Corp website is another significant resource. Ulster Corp is an organization that connects people with different agencies looking for volunteers. They have a ton of different volunteer options which can be sorted by skill set, so you can find a position that is tailored to what you excel at. 

If you have concerns about the pandemic or just limited time and transportation, these sites also have features which allow you to filter online opportunities versus in person ones, so you can contribute without worry. 

As for online spaces, I’d recommend For the Many, which is a grassroots organization based in the Mid Hudson area that contributes to causes like housing, immigration and racial justice and climate change. Their work not only helps to pass bills which aim to solve these issues, but also supports the people that these issues affect. Online volunteers can do phone banking, organizing and can donate their time based on what they can offer. 

But these are just local: I urge you to also support Color of Change, an organization whose goal is to end police violence, and the Brooklyn and Bronx Freedom Funds, which support protesters who are jailed and cannot afford bail.

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