New Paltz Give-Back: Tip Your Bartenders

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With Halloween over, the bars in town will be getting a bit of a break from the crazy lines and crowds they served over the weekend. Now is a great time to think: did you tip your bartender?

The overwhelming crowds, loud music and disorienting atmosphere often makes one forget that like at any restaurant where you would tip your waiter, the same should be done for bartenders.

According to Maria Yagoda of, the consensus is to tip $1 per beer and $2 per cocktail.

“I wish to Christ people knew that bartenders, like a lot of servers, get paid less than minimum wage,” one bartender told Yagoda. “We survive on tips.” 

As college students who frequent places like P&G’s, McGillicuddy’s and Snugs, we see the environment that is created as soon as the clock strikes eleven. 

Many have witnessed the bar fights, the shouting and the outright chaos that is ordering at the bar surrounded by yelling strangers all trying to get to the front and get the bartender’s attention as fast as possible.

The students and community members at New Paltz often seem to forget that these bartenders are people too and it is time that we give back and give them the tips they deserve.

Over the Halloween weekend, tipping was specifically amiss. But this isn’t the only way to give back to the bartenders.

Yagoda describes a tweet she received from a bartender.

“There’s no need to wave cash around. It won’t get you served faster. Don’t wave your money or try and flag me down with a full bar. I see you, and am working on getting to you,” the tweet read. 

While the environments are undoubtedly overwhelming, it doesn’t excuse the mistreatment of individuals.

 In moments like these it’s important to remember the age old saying: treat others the way you want to be treated.

The next time you’re at a bar or restaurant and you are at the point where it is time to pay, put yourself in the bartender’s shoes. What would you think is fair?

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