Women’s Soccer Heads to Double Overtime… Again

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The New Paltz women’s soccer team faced Skidmore College in a game that resulted in double overtime. 

On Saturday, Sept. 11, the Hawks traveled to Saratoga Springs for an under the lights game. Almost instantaneously, the Skidmore Thoroughbred’s showed they meant business through attempting to score. Second-year goalie Kyra Russo was there for the Hawks, though, and saved the first two shots Skidmore attempted. 

Defense was good on both sides, many Hawks came together to try and score as well, but they struggled to make the magic happen. It took a full 24 minutes and 48 seconds for anything to make it to the back of the net. The first goal came from Skidmore’s first-year Ella Stone.

New Paltz attempted to recover with shots from fourth-year midfielder Cailin Ruoti and first-year midfielder Rachel Eisert, but recovery did not come until second half.

Again, it took awhile for anything to happen as defense remained diligent. At 68:04, Eisert scored a goal, assisted by third-year midfielder Dana Salinas. 

Eisert said her teammates make it easier for her to keep pushing in games when they are trying to make a comeback, and that they always lift each other up and take the game one step at a time.

“After scoring I was just so relieved after trying all game and coming so close many times,” Eisert said. “It felt amazing to be able to celebrate with my team and finally get our confidence back. I am very proud of my team’s performance and the heart we brought to the game.”

The game was tied 1-1 and both teams were eager to finish things once and for all. The game remained demanding however, and a few fouls were thrown in on both sides. With less than thirty seconds left in the game, first-year forward Maggie Cameron attempted to score but fell short, resulting in the game heading to overtime.

In overtime, Ruoti shot but it was saved. Eisert also shot but it was wide. Skidmore had a wide shot and at the end of ten minutes nothing changed, forcing the game into double overtime. Would the game result in a tie?

It would not; in 35 seconds Skidmore’s first-year Liz Foley got a goal to end the game in a 2-1 New Paltz loss. 

The game ended with New Paltz having more corner kicks than Skidmore, 7-6. New Paltz shot 15 times with eight on goal and Skidmore shot 16 times with seven on goal.

Though this game adds to the struggle we’ve seen New Paltz women’s soccer face so far this year, the good news is that it’s still early. New Paltz will have two more non-conference matchups before their first SUNYAC competition, in which they will be facing Brockport on Friday, Sept. 24 at 4 p.m. The last time they faced Brockport, the game resulted in a loss so the team is looking to have a redemption. 

Eisert said she’s loved every minute on the team.

“Although we didn’t get the results we had hoped for, that doesn’t reflect our performance or our grit as a team.” Eisert said. “We still need to work out a few kinks but I know we’ll be ready to go once SUNYACs roll around! I am so happy to be a part of such a special team.”

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