A Satisfying Weekend in Saratoga for Women’s Volleyball

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The Women’s Volleyball team played not one, not two, but three exciting games this weekend. With the opening of the Skidmore Classic against Bard College on Friday, Oct. 29 at 5 p.m., the Hawks began their eventful weekend in Saratoga Springs. The following day at 1 p.m. they had a match against Union, and a 3 p.m. match against Skidmore the next day. 

From the very beginning of the Bard match, the energy was high. Bard scored the first point of the game with a kill, and New Paltz retaliated by scoring the second point of the game with a kill from third-year middle hitter Victoria Konicki. Bard racked up a three point lead, only for New Paltz to score five points in a row, two of which were kills from second-year outside hitter Mackenzie Williams. 

After this score streak, New Paltz held a steady lead. The first set ended 25-16 in the Hawk’s favor.

The second set started with a frantic back and forth as neither team secured a solid lead. It wasn’t until the ninth point that New Paltz scored off of a service error and pulled ahead. This was immediately followed with two kills from Williams, one with an assist from second-year setter Cate DiGiacomo. 

“I think our team worked together very well this weekend and we had great energy and we plan to bring that into our playoff game this week,” says Williams.

From there, the whole team rallied and scored point after point. There were stellar moments across the board: three kills from Konicki, five from Williams, four from third-year right side Makenzie Bills, and two from first-year middle hitter Letisha Perez, among other strong moments from defense. The set ended 25-15 for the Hawks, and the third set was a testament to the Hawks strength, ending 25-11.

The match against Union had a standout star: DiGiacomo. In the first match alone, she assisted 13 kills. In the second, she assisted eight. The first set was won 25-21, and the second set a whooping 25-10. The offense performed beautifully, and DiGiacomo had phenomenal assists as a setter. 

The third set against Union was another clean sweep, with a score of 25-17. Second-year outside hitter, Samantha Cox, was an offense star this set, scoring five kills. First-year middle hitter Lauren Abbott also had three kills this match. Second-year setter Dana Collins had a great performance as well.

The final game of the weekend against Skidmore was absolutely tense. The first set was a desperate back and forth, ending with a 21-25 score in Skidmore’s favor. New Paltz came back victorious, taking the second set 25-16.

“I think our team worked together very well this weekend and we had great energy,” said Williams. 

They kept their fight strong and got incredibly close to winning the third set, but ultimately lost by just two points at 23-25. The fourth set had the same score. 

Despite losing this last game (and just barely losing, at that) the Hawks performed beautifully. They displayed amazing athleticism and teamwork.

“Even losing that one last game we kept fighting to the end and that’s the energy and attitude that we need,” Perez said.

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