New Pres. Plans for Future Success of NPMC

Every other Thursday in SUB 407 at 6p.m., the New Paltz Music Collective meets to discuss music of all genres.

The club was founded in 2012, but has recently gained momentum, and adopted new outlooks, members and goals. 

First-year student and new president of the club, Rebecca Kavaler remarked on the overarching drive of the club.

“Through booking bands on campus and having our journalism and media aspect, the mission is to establish a community of people who can express their passion for music and to create a space where they can do that,” Kavaler said.

NPMC focuses on creating environments where music-lovers can feel comfortable and inspired. This environment is fostered through numerous shows the club hosts in the SUB during the semester. On March 27, the club hosted a show in the SUB featuring the bands Slaughter Beach, Dog, Winnebago Vacation and Bandshes. 

“At the show Tuesday night someone came over and thanked me because they and their friends were so happy to have a space to let loose and be themselves,” said Kavaler. “Over 125 people came to the show.”

Current club leadership is aiming to expand the club’s influence, as well as its’ prescence on the SUNY New Paltz campus.

“The club existed, but it was so small,” Kavaler said. “We want to make it more inclusive, like a community.”

NPMC was not always as well-known as it is now.

“Last semester I ran into the prior president at a show where there were less than 10 people,” she said. “And he said ‘Oh, dude I think after I graduate the club will die out,’ and I thought ‘Everyone at New Paltz loves music and artsy stuff like that.’ I couldn’t imagine it to be true.”

NPMC is certainly not dying out. They seem to only be gaining upward traction, while branching away from their modest roots. Students have the power to request for an artist to perform on campus.

“Before it was just the former president booking shows on campus, hosting few shows a semester,” Kavaler said. “Now, with the more community-centered thing, I’m making it so everyone can have a choice on who to come. By throwing out a bunch of names and having a vote.” 

The club is interested in including the adoption of a music journalism angle. Pieces ranging from reviews to concert photographs are currently being put together for a zine.

“We don’t have a budget yet— next semester we will,” Kavaler said. “Then we will have a website along with the zine.”

The clubs’ meetings are laid back with friendly, welcoming vibes.

“We just like to talk about music,” Kavaler said. “At the beginning of meetings we just sit and we’re like ‘Any new songs?’ And then we play them out loud.” 

Don’t worry if you think your favorite music genre is going to be excluded.

“We try to just focus on any and all types of music. We’re inclusive of all genres,” Kavaler said.

Stay on the lookout for another show hosted by the club. You can join in the discussion of which band to invite next.

At NPMC’s next meeting they are brainstorming artists for their next show. For example, they want to reach out to the band Florist.

Kavaler also explained that the shows are an opportunity to meet fellow students with shared interests.

“All of them are super social. We have about thirty minutes from when the doors open to when the band takes the stage. It’s a super loud room, meeting new people. Not really people standing around. It’s not like regular concert vibes where its all strangers, so people are so much more willing to talk and make friends,” she said. 

Kavaler emphasized that anyone is welcome to come whenever they want.

The shows are free, and are usually hosted in the SUB 62/63 or in 100 North. Stay tuned for when the next show is by checking out the NPMC on Facebook and Instagram pages. Fliers are also posted around campus.