New York Mets Drop Eight of Last Nine in May

Michael Conforto has been struggling as of late after tearing a rotator cuff last season. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The New York Mets misery has continued into this week, as they dropped eight of their last nine games in the month of May. After recently losing two out of three in Cincinnati, they also got swept by the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies.

It might be early in the month of May, but this season is beginning to feel like the nightmares of the past. The Mets just can’t catch a break. From Todd Frazier’s injury to Michael Conforto and Jason Vargas’ poor play, this team may be one more error away from a total meltdown. If there’s a time for the boys to step up, it sure is now.

With an off day on Thursday, New York can catch their breath after a wild week, before they head to Philadelphia for a three-game set with the Phillies. If it’s been as tough for them to endure this as it has been for me, I can only imagine the emotions floating through that clubhouse right now.

The Bizarre Matt Harvey Trade

The Mets traded Harvey to the Cincinnati Reds on Tuesday in a strange, yet productive deal. In return, New York received Devin Mesoraco, a former all-star catcher, who has not played more than 60 games since his breakout season in 2014. The funny thing is, the Mets were in Cincinnati, and after taking batting practice with the Reds, Mesoraco was told to put on a gray uniform and head to the visitor’s clubhouse.

It’s incredibly unfortunate what happened to his career, but Matt Harvey is as good as done as a Met. He might find his groove in another city in the future, but it sure won’t be New York. His prior success will never come back unless he matures.

The 29-year-old Harvey might have been a former all-star and once-leader of this rotation, but after multiple surgeries and scandals, he has been nothing but a burden for this organization.

To be honest, I did not think the Mets would get anything useful for Harvey. However, Devin Mesoraco, a 29-year-old himself, could be the saving grace catcher that the Mets desperately need. Who knows, maybe this could be a miracle trade? If Harvey makes baseball his priority, and Mesoraco can stay off of the disabled list, maybe, just maybe, they can find themselves in new homes.

From the start of the season, everyone knew the Mets catcher situation could prove to be problematic. No one expected it would be this bad, though. With Travis d’Arnaud out for the year, an at-best minor league catcher in Kevin Plawecki on the DL, and Jose Lobaton and Tomas Nido hitting below .200, there’s no doubt something had to be done at the position.

Jason Vargas’ Woes Continue

Vargas has been terrible in New York, giving up 19 runs in just three starts.

If there’s anything the Mets shouldn’t want, it’s more injuries and turmoil. Vargas, an all-star in 2017, missed almost the entire year in 2016 after suffering a UCL tear. Now, I’m not saying that Vargas’ struggles line up with this injury, but does it really make sense for the Mets to be taking risks like this when there were other, much more valuable arms on the market for a bit of a higher price?

Yes, the season is still early, and Vargas just might find that effectiveness he’s been lacking at some point this year. If the Mets want to keep their season’s hopes alive, however, that point needs to happen in this month. The Mets cannot afford putting him on the mound every fifth day if he continues to pitch like this. Then, who’s next up? P.J Conlon might have had a successful major league debut, but he is not major league ready, and certainly not the answer the Mets need in this rotation.

Conforto’s Struggles

After missing all of spring training and entering the season late due to a shoulder injury, Michael Conforto has not been able to find a groove at all in the 2018 campaign. As of Tuesday, the 25-year-old outfielder is hitting .188 on the year, striking out 29 times in 85 at-bats.

Although Conforto ensures he’s fine and that he’s gotten out of slumps like this before, it still is hard not to worry about an injury like this. He injured the shoulder swinging; imagine swinging a bat every time after that? I truly hope Conforto can bounce back from these early blunders, because the Mets are going to need his depth in the outfield if they want any shot at a playoff push.

It’s sure been tough to be a Mets fan as of late, but I still have faith that this team can compete in 2018. Till’ next semester, Mets fans!