New Zine for the Art Scene

Everywhere you look in New Paltz there is someone creating something. From the strumming of guitars on the quad, the layers of thrift store fashion or the soul-bearing artwork, our town and campus is most certainly an artistic scene.

Students looking for a publication catering to their artistic tastes will soon be satisfied by Scene, a new student-run magazine to reach campus before the end of the fall semester.

Focusing on drawing attention to the diverse music, art and fashion in New Paltz, the magazine will hopefully draw underground or peripheral talents of students into the spotlight.

Founder of Scene and third-year media management major Christina Taufan said she tried to pitch an idea for a magazine aimed primarily at women readers, but found that Avant- Garde already existed. From there, she decided to develop a solid concept for an arts magazine.

“I actually was thinking of a specific demographic in our school that hasn’t been catered to yet,” said Taufan, “It was funny for me to realize that there are two magazines that are designed for minorities, but no magazine for the majority.”

Diana Regal, a third-year English and philosophy major who attended the general interest meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 1, said that the magazine will hopefully encourage further artistic reflection by bringing attention to our already artistic community.

The magazine hopes to include work from contributors that makes a statement about the college and our “scene.” Taufan said it is important for the campus community to acknowledge the eclectic styles that portray the feelings and thoughts of its students. Its through acknowledging the talent and style that is ever-present in New Paltz that Taufan hopes to establish a stronger sense of community.

Scene Magazine intends to surface the creative abilities of current New Paltz students, particularly students who are declared as studio art, English/creative writing or music majors,” said Regal.

Regal said it’s important to pay attention to how students define themselves because college is a critical time for constructing an identity. Her hope is that the magazine will capture “what moves” today’s college students.

“Hopefully we can connect with students by capturing what it means to be part of the scene here at New Paltz and recognizing members of our own student community who are doing some really cool things,” said Stacy Mazzara, third-year Spanish and organizational communications double-major.

Members of the magazine hope to reach interested students through social media and posters while the publication is still in its early stages.