No Sports? No Problem: 8 Pastimes to Fill the Sports Sized Void in Your Life

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s how to make-do. I’ve adapted to the change and have learned how to get by using the tools that I have in my own home. Can’t go see your hairstylist? No problem! A YouTube tutorial is right there showing you how to dye hair on your own. But dying my hair alone was a simple solution to a small problem; I had other things to substitute in my life. 

As an avid fan of baseball, I knew I had to find ways to fill the void left by a lack of sports before the grief got too heavy. Thus, I decided to compile a list of some of the best ways to keep sports in your lives without having any live games to watch on television. 

  1. Watch a Movie About Sports

I had to start with this because it combines my two favorite things in the world. With all the time we have, what better way to spend it than watching a movie? As a bonus, I’ve also decided to suggest my personal favorites for you, dearest reader!

Baseball: “The Sandlot,” “Field of Dreams,” “Moneyball”

Football: “The Blind Side,” “The Waterboy,” “Jerry Maguire”

Basketball: “Space Jam,” “Semi-Pro”

Hockey: “Miracle,” “The Mighty Ducks”

Misc.: “Happy Gilmore,” “Dodgeball”

  1. Practice Your Own Skills

It’s important to make sure we keep up with our physical health while in quarantine. Why not use this time as an opportunity to sharpen your own skills? You don’t have to go crazy; it could be as simple as tossing a ball back and forth between you and a loved one, or setting up a game of four-square in your driveway. If you’d rather practice in solitude, try bouncing a tennis ball off your wall! For extra points, if you have a pet, find creative ways to get in some exercise for you both.

  1. Rewatch Old Games

I know it doesn’t seem exciting to watch a game you may have already seen before, but bear with me on this. Lately, I’ve been watching old Yankees reruns on YES network, and I’m getting a lot of enjoyment from them. Whether it’s an iconic game I was too young to remember or a more recent matchup, it’s comforting to hear the announcers on my television again. If you’d rather not sit through a whole game, then just watch highlight videos on YouTube!

  1. Write a Letter to Your Favorite Athlete

Chances are your sports idol is stuck at home, just as bored as you are. Whereas they may not have had time to before, quarantine is a great time for athletes to catch up on their fan mail. Who knows, you might just get an autograph back in return.

  1. Create a Photo Collage

I’ve never really been the DIY type myself, but lately I’ve been thinking of ways I can spice up my dorm next semester. Print photos of your favorite athletes, teams, logos and moments, and tape or glue them together on construction paper. Voilà!

  1. Turn History Into a Game

While sports brackets are fun, it’d be hard to put one together without knowing the exact fate of this year’s seasons. What is set in stone, however, is the past. I suggest you use what you know about your favorite sports or teams and turn it into a game for your friends or family. Make a ten question quiz filled with trivia, or a sheet filled with famous quotes from an athlete. Challenge the knowledge of those around you. If you are super competitive, why not involve prizes? 

  1. Hold a Spirit Week

I’ve seen spirit weeks include one designated day of wearing jerseys — why not dedicate a whole week to sports apparel? If you’re a multi-sport fan, commit one day to each sport. If you don’t want to be alone, ask your friends or family to join you! Trust me, it would be fun to take pictures in your favorite jerseys. I know you want those Instagram photos. 

  1. Play a Sports Video Game

For my final suggestion, I heavily debated whether I was going to allot this slot to books or video games. Since I haven’t read many sports novels myself, here we are. For those who have a gaming console, there are the classic sports games — Madden NFL 20, NBA 2K20, MLB The Show 20 — but there is one sports-centered game that may have gotten lost in our memories: Wii Sports! For those who may not have a console, fear not! There are plenty of games on the App store, including paintball and hockey. For Samsung users, well… sorry. 

I hope this list is helpful and you see that even without live sports, there is a world of sports-related activity for whatever tickles your fancy. Happy sporting!

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